PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING is just you and me, one on one! No distractions, just results!

Personal Training is fast becoming the most popular niche within the health and fitness industry. As health and fitness in general becomes much more popular and important in modern society, the volume and variety of gym goers continues to widen.

We cater for everyone here at Coach’s, from the complete beginner, whom has never set foot in a gym, to advanced athlete’s looking to improve their sporting performance or physique. Amongst beginners Personal Training is becoming increasingly important. Many people enter the gym for the first time without any idea of what training methods will best suit their goals, or without any knowledge of the correct nutrition. In many cases this can lead to endless gym fees, and continuous gym visits, without the important results.

Here at Coach’s we take pride in creating individualised training regimes for each and every client based specifically on their training history and health and fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advance trainer yourself, ensuring you are following the right methods can make a massive difference in your results. We provide private one to one consultations, as well as one to one training sessions in our private studio to ensure your goals specifically are met and the best results possible are achieved.

You won’t be training in a public open gym floor. You won’t be waiting for equipment to become available. You will have exclusive access to state of the art equipment and an experienced trainer and be able to put 100% of your focus into achieving results!