Just Train

The Just Train package is exactly that! You come to Coach’s and Just Train! This package is suitable for everyone and anyone from the complete beginner to an advanced athlete who needs an extra push in the right direction. This package takes away the worries of training yourself, and lets our expert trainers devise new, exciting and goal orientated workouts for you each day. We will be there with you for every rep of every set, pushing and motivating you to reach new goals each and every week!

Our Just Train package includes:

  • Initial Consultation And Assessment – Here we will delve into your training history, medical history and dietary habits. We identify your short term and long term goals, and take detailed body composition analysis, as well as noting other body measurements and weight measurements as our starting point.
  • 3 Personal Training Sessions Per Week – Three sessions per week. Here we will focus on technique and movement analysis during each workout, as well as improving confidence and ability in the gym. Each and every session will be varied using different tried and tested training methods and techniques to achieve training goals.
  • Motivation, Inspiration and Imagination – Each session your coach will use a variety of training methods to ensure that every training session is a good one! Your coach will create exciting and rewarding workouts and be there to help you and push you every step of the way until you reach your goals!

This great package consists of 3 sessions per week and ALL incredibly good value!!

4 Week – 12 x 30 Minute Package: €499

8 Week – 24 x 30 Minute Package: €899

12 Week – 36 x 30 Minute Package: €1,199