Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – Why choose Coach’s Fitness Centre?

ANSWER – There are several reasons to choose Coach’s Fitness Centre.

RESULTS: Coach’s is a results based business, with trainers using tried and tested methods proven to achieve desired results with all varieties of clients.
PERSONAL TOUCH: All training plans are personalised. That is, they are designed taking your goals, lifestyle, training and medical history, and current condition into account.
PRIVACY: You can work out in complete privacy, rather than a busy gym.
AVAILABILITY: Extremely flexible booking hours available.
VARIETY: At Coach’s we offer everything from once off trial sessions to 12 week packages and everything in between, so we DO have a package to suit you!

Question 2 – Where is Coach’s Fitness Centre?

ANSWER – 21 Manor Avenue, Grange Manor, Ovens, Co. Cork.

Question 3 – How do I get started?

ANSWER – Getting started couldn’t be easier, just contact us at to book your FREE consultation.

Question 4 – How quickly can I get started?

ANSWER – Right away! Once you have an initial consultation and decide with your trainer which package will suit you best, we can book you in to begin training straight away.

Question 5 – What should I wear or bring to training?

ANSWER – Always make sure you have comfortable gym clothes and footwear, after than all you need to bring is a gym towel, bottled water and some determination to achieve amazing results!

Question 6 – Do you offer discounts for groups?

ANSWER – Yes, at Coach’s we do cater for couple and group training and can at times offer discounted packages for larger groups.

Question 7 – Where can I find the time to train?

ANSWER – One 60 minute workout is just 4% of your entire day. Many people spend far more time than this in front of the T.V. This is a very minimal amount of time to commit to yourself and your health and fitness goals but will lead to significant changes for the better in both!

Question 8 – How soon will I see results?

ANSWER – Each person varies greatly. From different training experience to different goals and different dietary needs and so on. As a result it can be very hard to predict how fast or how significant results will be. However as all packages are tailored specifically to each individuals’ requirements, once you begin training, your trainer will assess and set either weekly or monthly goals and targets for you. All progress and results will be recorded giving you a clear indication of the achievements you made during your time at Coach’s Fitness Centre.