Meet Conor Cunningham, known to most people as Coach, and welcome to his Health & Fitness Studio, Coach’s Fitness Centre

Coach’s Fitness Centre is Cork’s original and best private training centre. We aim to make all our clients feel as comfortable as possible when trying to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Therefore we provide:

  • Private car park and entrance
  • Private consultations and assessments
  • Private one to one training sessions

All our clients are treated as unique individuals and will be given tailored training and nutrition plans created specifically in line with their goals.

At Coach’s Fitness Centre you can be confident of training in complete privacy unlike many crowded gyms. All our training packages are one to one with a qualified, experience and professional trainer. For those whom may wish to train in pairs or indeed a group, we can also provide that facility upon request.

We do not believe in “Fad Diets” , “Slimming Pills” , “Magic Potions” or unproven training methods. We use our years of experience with the widest variety of clientele to come up with solutions and training methods that are proven to bring results.

Coach’s Fitness Centre also looks to produce long lasting results and educate our clients on how to move forward once they have reached their targets.