New Year’s Resolutions

This January, like so many before, has seen an increase in gym attendance, personal training clients, healthy eating and various other New Year’s Resolutions.

Now I do personally feel that, if you have a health and fitness goal, then any time of year, any day of the week is a good time to start towards that goal.

However if anyone feels a New Year, new month or even new week is the fresh start they need to make these changes, then they should receive all the help and encouragement that’s available to them and make the start!

In recent years unfortunately there has been a noticeable change to this sense of encouragement and camaraderie within the industry. Across social media you now see as much criticism and negativity, as there is well wishing and positivity.

For me this New Year has meant a lot of new things in my life, most notably the launch of Coach’s Fitness Centre, my very own private personal training studio. But even with this new positive move in my life, there has come the predictable negativity and “hate” from within the industry. The fitness industry in general is a very competitive place, and with the growing popularity of bodybuilding as a sport, from bikini class right up to men’s heavyweights, the competitive nature has increased massively.

There seems to be as much focus now on what others are doing, oppose to people focusing on their own training. Different people with different backgrounds, and even different goals are publicly criticising others for not training “their way”, or eating the “right” diet plan. When I got into the fitness industry it was to try a create a better version of me, and that is still my goal today. Too many people get caught up comparing these physiques to others, their diets, their training methods and not focusing enough on themselves.

My message for the New Year, which is also my own goal, is a very simple one. Focus on yourself, do what works for you and aim for progress, not perfection. Set short term goals each week or each month and record your successes as you go. Ignore the naysayers, the haters and the negativity and surround yourself with people working towards the same goals.

The main focus should always be toward creating a happier, healthier version of you! Continue to do that and it will be more rewarding that winning any competition. And remember, strong people don’t put others down….. they lift them up!

Thanks, Coach

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